Important Features and Benefits Of Human Resource Management Software

The Human resource management is a function of an organization which concentrates on the process of managing, recruiting and directing people who work in the organization. It mainly deals with issues that are related to compensation, performance management, safety, benefits, wellness, training, and others. It is a crucial process which requires a lot of data management, record, and analysis for smooth workflow.

While in small organizations it could be manually handled & managed, with growing organization & big setups it is tricky and to keep a record of everything and provide instant information related to human resources, IT technology plays an important role. With growing organizations & setup, the demand of HRM software is increasing. But before we put light on what is HRM and staffing software and its significance in the system, it is important to understand the core objectives & role of human resource development.

Objectives of Human Resource Development

To develop the capabilities of all individuals who are working in an organization in relation to their present role.
In relation to their future roles, to develop capabilities of all the individuals.
To develop better interpersonal and employer relationship in an organization and develop team spirit.
To develop organizational health through the continuous renewal of manpower obsolescence and keeping pace with new technological changes.
Modern business practice needs an integrated human resource system that can replace the manual process for the operational control of employees. Although paperwork has not totally be removed, but human resource managers can now spend more time on their core business objectives because of the time they save by using this software. This software helps them to navigate all the activities for employees automatically which saves time and helps them to focus on their business more.

A need for HRM & Staffing Software

The need for HRMS software is an integrated part of the human resource department in any organization. The normal need which is carried out in the management process is:

What is HRM & Staffing Software?

By integrating the wide array of applications such as talent acquisition, benefits, administration, compensation management, performance management, succession planning, and career development, HRM software is mainly designed to provide single, centralized view of the company’s workforce It is the type of information system which is designed to manage the organization’s computerized and automated human resource process.

On the other hand staffing software is the broad category of tools which helps in professional staffing firm’s source talent, to manage the candidate and client relationships and track the applicants throughout the hiring process. These are the large buckets in which most of the tools fall into with the most popular applicant tracking system, job distribution, candidate sourcing, onboarding and candidate engagement. Staffing software service is important for your business because due to this software mobility of the workforce and potential candidates become harder to track the record of employees.

Role of Human Resource Management Software

Many companies are outsourcing HR services like recruitment to focus on strategic utilization of the employees. Nowadays, the successful business requires being adaptive, resilient, quick, and less time-consuming and customer-centric. With such kind of environment, the effectiveness of HRM is highly crucial for the success of the business. The objective of HRM software is to make employees much better than they were before.

The main aim and purpose of HRM & staffing software is to strengthen and grow the knowledge, skills, abilities & productivity of the HR team. There are many modules/software that are designed to manage the day to day basic reporting & activities of employees. With the help of software, you can manage salary and wages, superannuation contribution, employee performance details, track attendance, leave, appraisals, payroll, and many more. HRM software is important for all size of companies whether they operate locally or globally to increase the productivity of their businesses.

Functions of HRM & Staffing Software

Although each and every organization is made of people and HRM is all about to acquire the services of people, developing their skills, and managing their all activities to the foremost level to maintain their commitment towards the organization. A Human Resource department can efficiently provide your organization with the structure and the ability to meet business requirements with the help of managing your company’s valuable resources i.e. employees.

There are several functions of HRM software to assist the organization with effective & efficient workflow:

  • Data Management

    With the help of HRM software, you do not need to struggle with the documents and spreadsheets; you can manage your entire employee’s data in one place. You can create a centralized employee database that can be easily accessible by the HR department to retrieve the information at any time for the various purpose.

  • Time & Attendance Record

    HRM software helps you to manage your time, create a shift roaster manually and monitors your real-time attendance on a daily basis. Manual attendance processing lacks tracking of employee presents/absent and actual working hours. But, HRM software provides you a platform where to update your attendance on a daily basis with no effort & time.

  • Leave Management & Record

    You can configure you leave policies on HRM software which is completely customizable as per individual company’s norms. Hence, with the help of software there is no complication of creating leave rules, manage leave balance on your excel sheet and comparing it with attendance sheet every month and tracking of paper-based leave application histories. It all can be done in a hustle free manner with HRM software.

  • Organization Hierarchy

    Organization hierarchy depicts the structure of an organization, which is based on employee reporting flow that is formed automatically. Using the HRM software all reporting managers can view hierarchy of their team only, however, if the authorized can view their seniors up to the level defined by the HR.

  • Payroll Management

    An easy and useful mechanism is provided with the help of HRM software. It is very user-friendly and flexible software which is designed to satisfy all your payroll needs. Creating salary increments on your own and accordingly system will auto increase salaries after approval all these activities can be handled by the software.

  • Taxation computation & Investment Record

    To calculate income tax based on the latest norms & investment declaration by employees is one of the most complex tasks. TDS calculation with a large number of clauses and sub-clauses must be completed accurately. HRM software handles all these complexities and you just require doing little changes & monitoring every month during payroll processing. It eases your trouble & saves your hectic working hours on this process.

What are the Benefits of HRM & Staffing Software?

There are many benefits of implementing HRMS software into your workplace whether your business is small, medium-sized or big. Some of them are listed as below:-

    • Time-saving

      With the help of HRMS software, you can automate the time-consuming tasks which you loathe to do. You can then use that time to focus on more important work to take your business to next level. This software helps to go from simple automating processes such as absence, training, holiday, allowance, etc to streamline the efficient process and increase the productivity of your work management system.

    • Access to information

      The security is an important aspect one must keep in mind, while using an online system, for multiple users. The security cannot be managed apparently if the process is done offline. However, this software takes care of these functions automatically and the employees can only access their own information. It helps in data security & management.

    • Reduced error

      In both financial and legal aspects, human error can result in serious complications. But, this software helps to automate the most common processes such as payroll information, taxation computation, and the automation error-free. HRM software provides smooth & error free working.

    • Improved communication

      This software includes the directory of all employees; hence using this software makes the internal communication possible without being dependent on any other tool. Also as an admin, one can send the messages in bulk to the people who are already using HRMS.

    • Security and Disaster Recovery

      HRM software is served as the security of the data. As the backup, all of the data is taken in a timely manner and the same is stored in the cloud server. In case of any man-made disaster or a natural disaster, all the data can be recovered from the cloud.


HRM software helps us to control the activities of employees. This is time-saving and user-friendly software which helps in maintaining your core business objectives as well as daily activities. There are many types of HRM software that helps companies to manage their employee’s activities on daily basis. For any information regarding the software or get the free demo, you can directly contact at Coderack IT Labs.


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