We have developed an extension to fetch leads from TradeIndia into your Zoho CRM account:​

How it Works

  • Install the extension

  • Get TradeIndia key, TradeIndia Userid and TradeIndia profile ID from TradeIndia panel

  • All new leads will be fetched automatically from the day connector is installed

TradeIndia Key, UserID & Profile ID

  • Click on the “My Inquiry API” option under the “Inquiries and Contacts” section.

  • You will see the API details, copy the details.
    (a) Your userid is.
    (b) Your profile_id is.
    (c) Your key is.

  • Enter these details while installing the connector


  • Fetch new TradeIndia leads

  • Insert them automatically as new leads in Zoho CRM

  • No Duplicate Entries
  • All important fields such as, name, company name, email address, mobile number, address, message, Enquiry ID and subject from TradeIndia to Zoho CRM

  • Get  information fetched in intervals

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