Zoho Consultation

Services of Coderack involve Zoho consultation wherein we take an overview of your business and recommend solutions that deliver tremendously good outcomes. This lets you unlock Zoho’s full potential for your business. Our services are available for startups and organizations getting started with Zoho. But, if you intend optimization of your existing setup, Coderack is at your service with our widespread experience and knowledge. Our core competency lies in introducing specialized skills within your Zoho project. Our team of Zoho experts empowers clients to enhance processes and make smart investments towards technology, to induce efficiency and save time and money in the long term. By collaborating with the clients, we recommend and implement the best-fit technological solution for your business requirements. Our services let our clients match pace with the best in the world.

Zoho Analysis

Zoho Analysis

Coderack is your premium point of contact for Business intelligence services provided via Zoho Analytics. The key advantage of our Zoho Analytics services is that it puts businesses in a position to confidently define strategy and implement data-based decisions. Zoho Analytics brings hidden insights to the fore that are otherwise difficult to see. Further, our Zoho Analytics services help come up with brilliant data visualizations. Our services present data collected from different touchpoints, pictorically, on a single dashboard. Cross-functional reports are easy to create using the tool and powerful reporting is simplified using drag-and-drop functionality. So, our clients can have a holistic view of their business, and secure online collaboration becomes possible. AI-powered analytics auto-generate reports on data.

Zoho Implementation

Coderack is your Zoho implementation partner of choice and by considering your business requirements; we get an overview of your unique implementation requirements. This step involves understanding your business and its goals, challenges, and unique market positioning. This helps unlock the true potential of Zoho and we define a 100% tailored implementation solution for your business. This Zoho implementation plan optimizes marketing, sales, accounts, reporting, and support processes. This is a lot about implementing Zoho applications in ways that align seamlessly with your day-to-day business operations. Out-of-the-ordinary customer experiences by default translate to more revenues. We are your preferred vendor for implementing Zoho CRM, Creator, Desk, Books, or any other Zoho application. Our Zoho implementation services reduce manual errors via automation.

zoho implementation

Zoho API Integration

Coderack specializes in Zoho API integration and third-party integration services. While being reliable, our services are easy to consume for the end customer. With the integration of trending software apps, efficiency is induced in business operations. When we integrate two or more apps, data remains synchronized and is visible in real time. By integrating Zoho API and third-party apps into your products, we connect your products to SaaS applications to boost productivity via automation. Our Zoho API integration services are an important way to reduce manual inputs when working on projects. While the odds of human error are reduced, project turnaround times are lower. With Coderack’s aid, complexities associated with web services and REST APIs are overcome.

Zoho Developer

Coderack is your preferred avenue for hiring expert Zoho developers at competitive rates. The services of our Zoho developers are flexible and their competencies are versatile. You can hire our Zoho developers for issues such as managing your customers, creating mobile or web apps, or devising custom survey forms. Our Zoho developers have in-depth expertise on matters such as Zoho online builder and Zoho Creator’s low code platform. They are best placed to come up with an integrated Zoho ecosystem that scales your business to the next level. You can hire developers on a package basis as well as on an hourly basis from us. Further, the proficiency of our deft team of Zoho developers spans across various business verticals. Just as an instance, we come up with tailored CRM solutions that integrate seamlessly with the existing systems. Our other Zoho development services cover application development, web development, Zoho Creator app development, etc.


Zoho Training

Coderack is your preferred vendor for the finest Zoho training. Our trainers are the best in the class and train your staff to take on all Zoho challenges they come across. We devise custom solutions on an hourly basis based on your staff’s learning requirements. They include DIY solutions, self-guided. Our training ensures that the complexity of Zoho is overcome for your staff. There are a host of Zoho products and apps, each serving a different purpose for your business. While some are intuitive, others have a sharper learning curve. Hands-on, practical training by Coderack will make all the difference under such circumstances.

Zoho Maintenance and AMC support

Zoho Maintenance and AMC support services provided by Coderack ensure that your systems upkeep their prime performance. We live in a dynamic business hemisphere. When you intend to make any changes in your installed Zoho apps, to boost performance, security or bring slight changes in operations, our experts at Coderack will do the needful for you in minimum turnaround times. This ensures that day-to-day operations at your organization keep undisrupted. All custom changes are easy to implement and high productivity enhances customer satisfaction rates. Our Zoho support specialists are knowledgeable about their work and their prompt services and vigilance benefit your organization at several levels. While Coderack provides on-demand on-time support, Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) are also available. Routine maintenance helps identify glitches before they disrupt work processes. Flexible AMC and support plans let you figure out the one that works the best for you.

Zoho AMC

Website Development

Coderack is your preferred point of contact for CMS-based website development services on platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and Zoho. We consult with our clients and understand their requirements before recommending a website-building platform that is ideally suited to their requirements. Our deft team of developers has expertise on several website-building platforms. This lets us come up with the finest websites for the clients, optimized for performance and SEO. CMS-based websites that we create are easy to manage and edit from the backend for our clients. No knowledge of coding is needed for the purpose. We come up with innovative and 100% responsive websites, making them mobile-friendly solutions. We also add secure and verified plugins to websites to add to their functionality.