These days a lot of businesses happen over the Internet. From selling diverse products or/and services, to even enabling users to download various multimedia products like music, videos, and games companies have made everything accessible over the Internet now. To aid all these, web applications play an important role.

All the transactions and activities that happen online across the world are results of web applications. Web applications are more like well-planned strategies for various businesses.
Not only do these applications propel business growth at a faster rate, but they are also pretty indispensable for almost all businesses because of the value addition.

What we provide

Web application development is a complicated process that asks for adept understanding of the evolving web platforms and capability to stand up to newer security threats. That’s where we come in the picture to deliver you professional high quality, effective and affordable web and cloud application services to give your business a strong online presence.
Our custom web application development service offers web apps tailored just for you. Web Applications have evolved to a point where they provide levels of interactivity and usability that rival native applications. So we build powerful and scalable web apps that are custom made using agile development processes leveraging the latest web technologies.

Enterprise systems

We create order, asset, and process management systems, as well as other web-based enterprise apps that become an intrinsic part of your business workflow. Thanks to the intuitive UI and stable operation of our enterprise web apps, your staff will find more comfort in completing their daily activities, while you will enjoy their boosted performance.


To improve the online presence of your business, we create e-shops and B2B eCommerce portals, implement cashback services, develop booking and payment systems. We’re also a certified Magento Solution Partner and offer all-round Magento development from UI/UX design to customization and maintenance.

Web Portals

Coderack IT Labs develops company- and customer-focused, partner/vendor, learning, healthcare and other types of web portals that unify all the necessary functionality in a convenient and easy-to-use way. We make sure that all the multiple features work great independently, are smoothly coordinated and do not overwhelm their users as a whole.

Industry-specific business solutions

Our rich industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in healthcare, banking, retail, and manufacturing. Working closely with the customers, Coderack’s BAs define their needs and devise effective automation tool concepts. Our designers and developers are the ones who implement these concepts and integrate them with existing systems.

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